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According to some fan theories, Dark Mercury of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon had an unrequited crush on Usagi and thus acted as a jilted lover.

However, she did show interest in boys on a less regular basis than the other Inner Senshi, and seemed to care for Nephrite's human form, possibly as a parallel of the ambiguous relationship between Dark Mercury and Nephrite.

The following is speculation among fans about possible homosexual/bisexual orientation among characters, through situation and innuendo, that is often noted in fan canon.

In the anime, she twice blushed fiercely after seeing up Sailor Mercury's skirt, but that was the only real evidence shown.

In the French dub of the anime, both Luna and Artemis were female when they first appeared, which implied that they were lesbians.

However, Artemis was later referred to as a male in subsequent episodes.

Rei Hino was straight in the anime, but in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, she got to be very close to Minako Aino.

Some fans interpret their relationship to be closer than simple friendship.

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While the show's protagonists and antagonists were mainly female, especially in the later story arcs, several men were presented as homosexual in the series, more so in the anime continuity than elsewhere.

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