Dating does he like me quiz dating in century village

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Dating does he like me quiz

hes cute he is a ginger though and i dont think is friends really mind me, like im friends with one of his close friends but me and the other 2 really only talk if we're assigned a project. Let's call him Josh and his twin brother Jake.

” Omg then a few days ago I was teasing him about his lil mustache and then today his whole mustache was gone.To get out of the "friend zone" start flirting more, continue being yourself, and hint that you like him.If he is clearly showing a "I want to be just friends" attitude, then move on.He was like " I didn't mean what I said yesterday." Then Sarah was like "you should be telling her that not me." Then Sarah walked away. Lol I'm so happy😊😊 So I really like this boy Victor and he is a “bigger” strong black boy who plays for the giants and I play for the lady giants so we are around each other all the time and I have 2 classes with him.Later that night I got a text from Josh saying that what he said to Sarah was a lie. So the word got out that I liked him😬 and he had spilled my coke on the stage on purpose and had went “oh my god I’m so sorry” but it was in a flirting way “really cute” he teases me all the time and flirts with me so idk if he likes me because he has a gf in 7th grade but we are in sixth so... I got a yes on the quiz but wanna make the right move ya know?

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Recently he has been huging me and touching me like on my hands, arms and back etc. for like a few months actually and i rly do want to be in a relationship but...

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