Bad dating choices

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So if any of these sound overly familiar, you may want to rethink where things stand.And if you’re scared truly scared of being alone, be sure to read our list of 15 Signs You Should Definitely Be Single. If your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or their birthday is coming up and you’re worried about how a split might affect them or you want to partake in the celebration, it’s actually kinder to just get it over with. Not only is it selfish to stay just because you want to do something fun or you’re concerned about causing a big blow up, but it’s also dishonest.If this sounds like you, it’s better to take steps toward a breakup.“Keeping up appearances will take a toll on you emotionally and psychologically.” Now if you’re not sure if you should break off a relationship, here are some warning signs to look out for.On the contrary, they are likely to magnify and become more of an issue.Additionally, the foundation of the relationship is never really solid, so there is not a strong base to draw upon when they come to therapy for help.” In other words, it’s probably smarter to start from scratch.“Staying because you love the family will eventually breed resentment and force the family to choose between you and your partner.

“You are partnered with the person and therefore your daily life is with them—not their family,” says Jenn Kennedy, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in Santa Barbara, CA.

That, or they might sense the inauthenticity in your support and be even more upset.

“It is best to be honest with the person (in a compassionate way).

So much so that the agony of simply making the decision to break up is usually way more difficult than the actual breakup itself. To help provide clarity, we’ve compiled all of the most common—and worst—reasons why people decide to stick to a relationship when they’d be better off heading for the door.

has done something egregious—like, say, chosen to sleep with your best friend—it’s all too easy to delay pulling the plug based on nothing more than a swirl of iffy feelings and emotional confusion.

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Dumbroff, a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in couples and sex therapy.

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