Adult school of the chathams madison and florham

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Students of any race, nationality and ethnic origin are welcome. The Adult School strives to meet the needs of the community it serves and all of its members.Consideration to enrolling middle and high school students is dependent on the nature of the class and the consent of the instructor.You can use the course discussion areas for this purpose.If you have questions about accessing the online classroom, retrieving your lessons, changing your password, correcting your e-mail address, obtaining progress reports or completion letters, receiving an extension, or any other administrative tasks, visit our Help page.Whether it is to advance a career, pursue a passion, learn more about how to address the opportunities and challenges of our times, or to simply enjoy life more fully through deeper understanding of the world around us, The Adult School is a community of teachers, students, and facilities that leads and shares the adventure of learning with all who wish to know.

From advanced subjects in language and technology to basic classes in the arts, hobbies, and everything in between, The Adult School is designed to accommodate anyone who seeks to keep learning and wants to do so with the guidance of a highly qualified teacher in the presence of other like-minded people.

New or potential students: If you have questions about course content, prerequisites, requirements, follow-ups, or instructors, you'll find the information you need by locating the courses that interest you.

Click the course title to review the course details.

A variety of facilities are used including the schools in each of the three districts.

We are grateful to the local Boards of Education for providing the school facilities.

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Last year, over 4,000 people took advantage of our program. Our staff will answer your questions and help you choose from our comprehensive course selections.