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In a particularly grisly detail, the 48 survivors were forced to resort to cannibalism to stay alive.That’s not what’s brought me here 170 years later however.Over in California Tom Sims was pursuing a different path, taking his cues from the state’s skateboard scene.By the mid 80s Sims had signed a young team of local riders to market his boards, most of whom spent their winters up in Tahoe, where they started digging out halfpipes and trying to take the tricks they’d learned on their skateboards to the snow.Yet at the beginning of the 80s very few people had heard of the sport in the US, let alone in the wider world. Terry Kidwell, known as “the father of freestyle”, launches out of the Donner Quarterpipe.Although this shot never made the cover of International Snowboard Magazine, it was hugely influential. He fell into shooting snowboarding almost by accident. So I saved up 0, bought a car that got good gas mileage and thought: ‘Well I really should go and see the Pacific Ocean.’” Somewhere along the way the car broke down, and needing money to pay for repairs, he started applying for jobs.But, like surfing and skateboarding before it, it was here in California that snowboarding really developed into the global sporting and cultural phenomenon it is today.According to recent industry estimates, there are around 6 million active snowboarders in America. In 1978 I lived in North Carolina, and I’d never even seen a skateboard, much less a snowboarder or a surfer,” he says.

But Burton was primarily focussed on racing, building boards that could turn at speed and carve round slalom gates to compete with the ski racers who dominated the icy slopes of his home resorts in Vermont.

I’ve also been learning about the incredible benefits of plant-based whole foods for fuelling and rebuilding the body cell by cell (so many ultra-athletes can’t be wrong), as well as therapies such as Trigger Point and Active Release Technique (a foam roller is your friend). Everything in life boils down to – and let’s get dualistic for a moment – awareness versus ignorance.

Most of all, I’ve been learning about the mind’s ability to focus on the positive, or the negative, and to therefore contribute towards a corresponding outcome.

The Inuit did know a thing or two, long before the Europeans.

And therein lies a world of opportunity, with all sorts of morale-boosting accomplishments waiting to be attained, as well as a strong connection to the very origins of kayaking.

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California is experiencing record snowfalls, and as I stand in the Donner Pass carpark, all I can see is a sheer wall of snow. It was here in the winter of 1986, that Bud shot a photo (perhaps Snowboarding wasn’t invented in California.

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