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Futanari dating sim

She could practically feel Pyrrha crumbling under the temptation of this opportunity in grabbing a chance at her affection."A-Alright…!I-I'm in." The Redhead declared bashfully with a reddened face and a determined expression."M-Me too…!Was it sent only to us personally or to everyone else?

This feels like it could really be more interesting than any movie.

Aren't you at least a little curious as to what this is about?

It could be a good chance to get to know 'Ladykiller' better and figure out some surefire ways to get him noticing you more romantically." Yang baited with her back turned to everyone so that they wouldn't the wide mischievous grin she had on her face.

Pyrrha was easily the most invested going by her transfixed gaze at the screen, it seemed as though she was eying it menacingly as well as obsessively.

Ren sighed when he felt overcrowded by the girls hovering around him to look at the screen."You know…I think this is a streaming broadcast that we could all look at individually." He said putting emphasis on the 'individually' part.

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