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(See below for comparing 250K and 500K pots.) For instance, if you have a 250K pot, the entire resistance of the pot itself is 250K, however, by using the “sweeper”, you can choose any value from 0 – 250K.

To illustrate this further, take a look at the diagram below: As you can see in Ex.

Instead of Lug 1 being the input, Lug 1 is the output.

For a 250K pot, the resistance of the Start of Sweep (Lug 1) and End of Sweep (Lug 3) is roughly 250K (manufacturers have tolerances – in reality, it might be something like 243K.) You can check the resistance of your pot by taking an ohm reading of the two outside lugs.

Well, the human ear doesn’t really hear that way (there’s a thing called the Weber–Fechner law).

90% of your perceived signal change is found in the first 25% of the turn.

From turning down your volume and fine-tuning your tone, to coil-tapping your humbucker, pots are an integral part of your guitar.

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