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Fourteen large mammal teeth from Layers 2 through 3 have been dated by standard electron spin resonance (ESR).Low U concentrations in both the enamel and dentine ensure that ESR ages do not depend significantly on the U uptake model, but do depend strongly on the sedimentary dose rates.Mezmaiskaya Cave has yielded more than 10,000 artifacts, thousands of very well preserved faunal remains, and hominin remains, found in seven Middle Paleolithic (Mousterian) and three Upper Paleolithic levels.

The upper levels contained large numbers of bones from the Tasmanian devil, hence its name.

This is a cave in the far southwest of Western Australia, 5 km from the present coast and 20 km north of Cape Leeuwin.

At the time of low sea level it would have been about 25 km from the sea.

It was originally excavated by palaeontologists looking for animal remains, as these are common in limestone caves.

Once it was realised there were artefacts in the cave, excavations were taken over by archaeologists. The artefact-containing lower levels have been dated to about 33,000 BP.

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This plaque was found in a hearth that has been dated to between 12,900 and 13,200 years ago.

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